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Solution Areas

For The Digital & Non-Digital Bank.


Consumer Banking Marketers seek to benefit a lot from the use of data. Insights on demand vs supply in the bank's offerings can help tailor better marketing campaigns, follow up with them with better iterations. Insights on consumer trends, popular channels and diagnosing where prospects lose interests are popular areas for analysis.

Customer Relations

In a competitive environment, providing great service can be the differentiator and provide a competitive edge. Customer relations analytics involve data collection from various departments such as call centres, e-mail, chat transcripts, and social media. Mining unstructured data to show customer opinions is essential to providing better products and services.


The core of banking operations is the approval and disbursement of loans. Analyzing operations data has impact on the bottom-line and cash flow. Using historical data patterns can help approve better loans with good interest rates as well as payback assurance.


Data for financial reports can easily be automated and decision makers can spend more time looking and formulating decisions on costs and budgets for items that have a better impact on revenue and profit.

Collections & Arrears

Follow up activities to manage loan products can be expensive, time intensive and something your that should not be part of the banking core business. Reduce work spent in this department by providing better loans, predicting customers and customer qualities that increase the probability of defaulting.


Use data to understand customer trends and demands to design products that have greater uptake within markets, good returns, and that help you position yourself as a organization.


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Loan Analytics
Case Study
Operations Analytics
Case Study

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Solution Process

End-to-End Data Analytics Solutions.
Our process begins at source data extraction and can extend all the way to maximizing data analytics with enterprise data.

Depending on your organization's data journey, Vizualytics has something for you at each stage of analytics adoption.

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It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories.

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