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Analytics for the Financial Services Industry

Use data to drive business performance.


The Financial Services sector is unique in its own ways; it has a wide customer outreach, it relies on income from investments, can have very high-net worth customers, and can sometimes deal with distributors/sales agents to acquire new customers. The high degree of competition in this industry also means there is pressure to price products optimally and to also increase brand value.

While the priorities for this sector are unique, the goals for BFSI companies are still the same as any company outside this sector; perform with a better bottom line and with greater operational efficiency. Customers are also valued assets to BFSI companies and therefore customer retention as well as acquisition become relevant priorities. Data is key to understanding customers, investment products and schemes, sales and operational excellence. Only upon understanding can one move up the value chain and prescribe further actions.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies also require to report to regulatory government bodies that curb risks taken. Automating standard reports can save efforts and resources for BFSI companies.


Some of Our Areas of Focus.

Retail Banking

Sales/Branch Performance Analytics, Customer Segmentation and Loyalty Programmes, Product Analytics


Enterprise-wide intelligence for Insurance companies. Claims Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Sales Analytics.

Asset Management

Distributor segmentation and customer loyalty programmes. Branch-wise performance and portfolio analytics.

Giving you a Head Start with Packaged Analytics

Some of Vizualytics' existing solutions are highlighted below.

Loan Management

Involves multiple areas of Operations such as loan approvals, loan disbursements, collection and arrears, and legal follow-up sections.


Use credit processing operations data to assist the entire enterprise in the way it functions.
Banking product sales, customer base, interest earnings, and location information come together to provide better strategies for the organization.

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Campaign management methods to diagnose popular channels and movement along the customer lifecycle. Sales analytics also covers branch and location intelligence for departmental/branch performance optimization.

Portfolio Analytics

Analyze product profitability and match products to customer segments to target them more effectively. Portfolio analysis also provides standard metrics to measure product performance.

Loyalty Management Programmes

Create customer loyalty programmes from customer behavioral and profile data. Create tiers and segments to reward more valuable customers.

Insurance Claims

Integrate claims workflow data to understand blockages in claims processing. Attempt to reduce turnaround time by working on influential factors and award new cases to the best officer for that type of claim. Understand customer profiles that result in types of claims in order to refine coverage policies.

Insurance Fraud Analytics

Use customer behavioral and profile data to derive unusual patterns of activity or high-risk factors and use these in assessing fraudulent activity. Make use of statistical outliers and other analytical methods such as clusters and decision trees to mine for such patterns.

Customer Segmentation

Use all available customer data to create customer profiles. Segment customer based on activity data or profile data based on the intended use of these segments. Keep summarized records of customer behavior and value scores.

Regulatory Reporting

Provide standard statutory reports to the reporting body and enable accurate numbers to be derived from relevant data.


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