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    Solutions to extract value from Data.

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    Intelligence that is essential to compete today.
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    Enterprise Wide Departmental Analytics Packages.

Industry Analytics

Get Domain specific analytics in the areas of Telecom, Asset Management, Insurance, Banking, and Healthcare.
Our knowledge of data and business objectives within these sectors result in tangible analytic outputs that enterprises can directly make use of.

Performance Management

Vizualytics provides department-wise solutions to improve performance across business units.
We take on new projects for department heads and try to make the most out of data in each endeavour.

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics helps enterprises understand customer interests and movements with respect to products, pricing, and campaigns.
Moving to a customer centric business model is essential for growth, and we help you keep tab on the consumer pulse.

Without data you're just
another person with an opinion.

- W. Edwards Deming, Data Scientist -

Departmental Analytics

We make things simpler for you by providing plug and play departmental analytics solutions to provide the most from data to the business. Our experience with many functional departments across industries through BI Implementation and Support over the past 10 years has allowed us to grow our understanding of business goals, best data analytics practices, and information consumption.


A data-driven marketing team has an edge over teams without the facts. Customer intelligence and campaign performance are the focus here.

  • Single View of Customer
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Channel Performance
  • Social Brand Perception
  • Sales Conversions


Vizualytics sales analytics gives clarity on targets, sales force performance, and comparison with market performance.

  • Sales team target performance
  • Lead Conversion Ratios
  • Location Intelligence
  • Product Trends
  • Historical & Forecasted Figures


Vizualytics finance analytics provides finance teams and the CFO with sufficient insight into cost, revenue, budget and profit trends.

  • P & L Ratios
  • Budgeting Metrics
  • Cash Flow & Forecasts
  • Quartery Income Predictors
  • Vendor & Other Settlements


Operations has been a consistent consumer of data. What we seek to do is give managers more intelligence from the same data.

  • Efficiency Metrics
  • 'Fault' Trends & 'Repair' Trends
  • Location Intelligence
  • Statutory Reports
  • Cost Optimization Analytics

Customer Service

This is the area where your analytics can directly feed into how your customers interact with the company. Analytics helps your digital content feed.

  • Single View of the Customer
  • Efficiency Metrics
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Segment Views
  • Channel Performance


Analytics helps refine product development with respect to packaging, pricing, and brand awareness. The data comes through internal systems and social media.

  • Product Financial Performance
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Product launch insights
  • Feature Scoring
  • Social Brand Health

High-Impact Solutions

Go with these solution packages to realise the true value of your data assets.

Customer Analytics

The single view of the customer

  • Recency, Frequency, Value Scores
  • Influential Customers
  • Similar Customer Pools
  • CLV
  • Location & Temporal Profiles
Increase Conversions

Event Prediction

When will an event occur?

  • Survival Analysis
  • Logistic Regression
  • Historical event statistics
  • Unusual activity alerts
  • Alerts based on event probability scores
Act Before It Happens

Text Analytics

Mining Insights

  • Rule & Keyword Based Activity Mining
  • Clustering 'Documents'
  • Social Media Text Analysis
  • Sentiment Polarity
  • Customer Segmentation
It is 'Big Data'

Cross-Sell Intelligence

Recommendations based on Data

  • Product Classification
  • User based Collaborative Filtering
  • Product Based Collaborative Filtering
  • Market Basket Analytics
  • Location & Time Based Rules
Be Relevant

Industry Solutions

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See some of our work to get ideas, understand our capabilities and target the next level of data usage and analytics for your business.