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    Insights into Customer Behavior, Products, and Revenue Streams.


Vizualytics helps Telecom Clients get intelligence in areas that include its Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Product Divisions.

In recent times the telecommunications business model seems to be evolving as Telcos find better channels in which to grow more profitable businesses. While Mobile Data is an essential part of the business for Telcos, new product innovation is also trending in the mobile app space and digital analytics is central to the adoption of new content streams.

Telecom Operators are also unique in their customer outreach and the data that they may gather through certain operational systems about the customer. While customer confidentiality is key, aggregate data provides telecom partners with more intelligence about consumer interests in order for targeted marketing efforts. Curated data itself is monetizable to telecom operators.

With the changing nature of priorities for telcos and the increasing customer information that is gathered, Vizualytics provides solutions to maximize data use. We understand the sheer volume of telecom data, have handled terabytes of information within our platforms and are also able to make use of parralel processing technologies in order to optimize analytic outputs.


Some of Our Areas of Focus.

Network Operations Monitoring

Efficiency metrics and repair statistics across locations.

Customer Intelligence

Analytics from various data streams (SMS, Web, VAS & Mobile App) and Curated Consumer Profiles for Industry Partners

VAS Revenue Assurance

Revenue assurance for operator - VAS partner relationships.

Network Incident Management

Root cause analytics, fault prediction statistics, and incident data discovery.

SMS Hub Traffic

Understand under-performing traffic routes, high-cost routes, and map general route and revenue statistics.

Product Intelligence

Map content masters and determine similarity to create better catalogs. Promote ringtone or other VAS products to customers through the right channels, location and times.

Usage & Retention Analytics

Map the customer lifecycle, determine factors that increase conversions and (data)usage, understand high value segments to focus retention strategies.

Mobile App Analytics

Generate statistics about visitors, consumers and churned customers. Undestand page content that works and the routes taken by customer visits. Identify trending content, pages, locations, times and other statistics. Score customers according to perceived customer value and predictive attributes.

Location Analytics

Easily display addresses and location information onto maps. Understand multiple attributes across locations - operational, marketing/sales, customer service metrics and derive patterns from location data. Drill-down information specific to geographies to manage regionwise performance.


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Caller Ringtone Analytics
Case Study
Revenue Assurance
Case Study

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Solution Process

End-to-End Data Analytics Solutions.
Our process begins at source data extraction and can extend all the way to maximizing data analytics with enterprise data.

Depending on your organization's data journey, Vizualytics has something for you at each stage of analytics adoption.

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