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    Tell a Story
    with Your Data
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    Custom Charts and Applications
    Design what works for you with your own data.
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    Mobile-Friendly Visuals
    Visualizations in responsive applications
    means that you have insights while on the move.
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    Simple and powerful
    D3 Combined with R
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    Configured Scorecards & Dashboards
    Have us meet your data needs.


Location Data Visualized in Beautiful Maps

Popular Charts

Frequently Used & Well-Known Formats

  • Tree Maps

    Nice for Pattern Finding Analyze information within categories
  • Time Series Charts

    Bring out Temporal Trends Easily plots metrics against dates/time
  • Heatmap

    Highlight Trends And Easily Spot Outliers
  • Multi-Bar Chart

    Compare Categories Spot Patterns
  • Bubble Charts

    Group Information into Categories Compare proportions
  • Forecasts

    Numerical Predictions Multiple forecast options

Vizualytics Custom Apps

Rapid Development

Because we work off design templates, ready to plug-in visualization libraries and high-level languages, it means that our time is spent bringing these together and making usable applications for our clients

Focused Problem Solving

Canned BI products have their strengths in allowing users to explore data endlessly, at least to the extent of data the tool has ingested. Custom BI applications have benefits in that they solve specific business problems and reduce efforts spent doing repetitive work to get these focused insights.

Real-Time Information

Scheduling your data processing and analysis means that you get timely insights, and work with relevant information in order to make better decisions. Depending on the level of pre-processing required, you can work with real-time data visualizations.

Customizable Features


Colours, Font & Styles
  • Bootstrap Templates

Calendar and Date Inputs

Select Dates, Date Ranges
  • Filter through dates intuitively


Sidebar & Other Layouts
  • Dashboard Styling

Organize Information

Tabs, Pages
  • Organize Your Thoughts


Add rule based interactivity
  • Customize App Features

Drop-down/Select Forms

Multiple or Single Select
  • Discover Data Combinations

Numeric Filters

Sliders, step-boxes, calendar input
  • Add Data Filters

Chart Interactivity

Information from a click or mouseover
  • Use text and search inputs

Upload & Download Data

Upload and download your data
  • Custom File Types and Size Limits

For more information, please visit www.rstudio.com/shiny

Try it Yourself

We can show how your data can be visualized in a trial application.

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We Use

We build our solutions on top of some great work done by the data visualization and analytics community. Working on open source development tools gives us more flexibility to customize solutions for end users who actually consume data.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

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