Our Skills

We believe that we have something of value. The diverse vizualytics team brings together technical skills, data science and business domain knowledge to maximize value in the projects we deliver.

Being an end-to-end product and services company, we are always learning, and build our business upon the knowledge and industry perspective that we gather. Working with multiple clients in different industry sectors, geographies, and functional roles has given us good breadth and perspective on how data can be useful in a practical sense. At the same time, we are also part of a fast growing data science community and keep up to date with the latest developer tools to bring to our partners and clients.

Infrastructure & Automation Processes 98%

Database Languages, Data Processing 96%

Focused Industry Applications 82%

Real-World Analytics 87%

Data Volume Handling Methods 76%

About Us

Our Data Journey.

  • 2003-2005

    Platform Beginnings

    CUBOT's inception was through discussion with healthcare leaders who required better understanding of hospital data. Its' focus began with the CEO in mind. This vision remains today and shall continue to do so.

  • 2003-Current

    Industry Solutions

    CUBOT gains customers across verticals and proves a solid platform for customers across the APAC region. Implementing solutions for our customers provided us with a bottom-up knowledge about data and its usage within the organization. With a bit more perspective, and a broader business view we built industry solutions.
    Customers include players within BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing and Government Industries who seek success from their data.

  • 2010

    CUBOT Dashboard

    CUBOT Dashboard gains functionality and accessibility functions, deeming it even more useful for executives. These are extended to dashboard layouts, chart types, and shareability functions.

  • 2015

    Vizualytics & Custom Apps

    Robust Designs (former parent company for CUBOT) rebrands and reinvents itself through Vizualytics - a more forward looking company focused on data applications, possessing R and advanced analytics capabilities. Vizualytics custom applications are deployed for new customers. Vizualytics now provides something for customers who have advanced in their data journey.

  • 2016

    CUBOT Bootstrapped

    CUBOT is bootstrapped! CUBOT uses Twitter Bootstrap themes for a better user interface and experience. CUBOT on mobile begins to look a lot better.

  • 2016

    CUBOT R Integration

    A true milestone for CUBOT. R Integration means a simpler interface to apply advanced analytics techniques and to utilize better data processing functions. Coming soon!

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We Speak

Unix, C

Basically everything inside the computer.


Good for Database queries, Data Manipulation, and Statistical Analytics.

JavaScript and Web

For Customizable user interfaces, data interactivity features and to also create applications that also provide a pleasant user experience.

If you torture the data long enough,
it will confess.

- Ronald Cross -