What are We?

Vizualytics is an end to end business intelligence and data analytics company. We are both a product and services company. CUBOT is our BI Platform and R-based Custom Apps are the technology framework we use to deliver advanced analytics. We implement as well as provide business solutions.

Who Are Our Competitors?

We cover quite a bit of breadth in bringing analytics solutions to business users. Therefore we have been likened to a mini SAS as we provide both a BI platform as well as solutions. Unlike larger BI vendors though, our implementation of CUBOT is also what makes data come to life. The custom visualizations we offer resemble services offered by a data visualization company; Graemener - to some extent.

Where are We Based?

We have offices in both Singapore and in India (Bangalore). Vizualytics Develops CUBOT and Custom Analytics Apps in both places. We're primarily industry and implementation focused in Singapore, while Bangalore is more of a hub for technology partner solutions. As of now, our customers are across APAC and the Netherlands.

Yes. We do. In the area of customer analytics, churn or attrition analysis is one of the key areas where data can help create actionable analytics. In BFSI and in Telecom, the cost of acquiring a new customer, is very high. Vizualytics provides a loyalty management solution here that, in principle, works on retaining your most valued customers. We just need to understand your data a little prior to getting started.
They involve any or all of the following: metrics, dashboards, scorecards, analytical methods, and logical data models for business-driven activities. We've seen a lot of data and its application over the years to understand best practices in data analytics.
CUBOT is a tier-2 BI Platform where it connects to multiple data sources, allows for ETL and Data Modelling operations, and allows business users to create metrics and categories to analyze and visualize data in dashboards or reports. It is a server based platform and a good option to also provide intelligence to a large number of users.
Users often want to know how many levels they can drill down information on charts. The answer is - as many levels of hierarchy your data has. There's no limit for the platform - if the data exists, it can be done.
There are accessibility functions in CUBOT that allow users to share dashboards, reports or saved analyses. Security filters will also apply for shared information, ensuring that your information is secure.
They are developed almost entirely in R, which is a high-level programming language that also has multiple open source libraries of analytical methods, charting tools, layout features and more. This means that we work mainly in integrating these developed models, and fine-tuning them to work with the dataset at hand, and that results in a completed application that is ready to roll out into production. Customers get a tool customized for their own data and business objectives, so the value for these apps can be quite high.
Data is used at varying degrees across all our customers and there is no right or wrong here, and sometimes it is hard to quantify the value that data brings to an organization. Keeping track of general KPIs is a good practice, and since these figures do not change much in the way they are derived, they can be automated through a BI tool. Also, if you have a focused problem in mind, have a hypothesis about why it occurs, then data will likely point you in the right direction. Information on customers is usually the most value-adding data, as it can directly translate to more sales.
Yes. Because these numbers can be so critical, they need to be delivered on time for businesses to act upon. Data integration and automation of metrics are an area where we provide services. We do this routinely for CUBOT and for R Custom Apps in all implementations, but if you need the metrics available on another tool, we'll see what we can do. Get in touch with us to know more about this.
Cross-Sell Intelligence is directly linked to sales, so it can directly increase your sales. This can involve a recommendation engine that provides next best offers to prospective customers. It's hard to say with certainty however; it depends on your business model.
While we have specialized industries that include BFSI, Telecom and Healthcare, we are still very much into technology. That means our products and services apply in other verticals, except we may need to understand data logic a little more thoroughly. Our departmental solutions can be adapted more easily for other industries.
We're good at doing things with data and we can help here too. We have previously been involved in data-delivery programmes where source data is taken, processed and integrated, modelled and delivered to relevant users or systems. Examples typically involve providing summarized analytics directly to core systems.
The types of output can be plain metrics, visualizations, data models, customer lists (targets), segments, networks.
We're still small, but we expect to grow with the market demands in the future. The kind of people that would be fit to work with us include pure techies (C, Javacript, Python), marketing/business analysts, market research analysts/consultants, technology salespersons, and people who have worked extensively with any kind of data. Technology is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and you'll like it here if you like learning all the time.
We're keen on expanding our products and services to more regions. If you know a market well, work in this space, we'd love to work with you as a partner to reach out to more people.
We love R. If you know R well, you could find this a good fit. If you're a statistician, you'll also be using your knowledge to build products here. Our custom apps are R based and you could be building applications in R, not just creating data models. If you constantly see yourself asking 'why', and are willing to jump into coding (by ripping just a few strands of hair), you'll do well here.
CUBOT ETL can connect to any database including Oracle database.
We have a good integration with Oracle Apps and the resulting data model and standard set of reports and dashboard are available as an out of the box offering.
We have done integration with SAP via a middleware or a flat file extracted out of SAP. This has been running in Singapore hospitals for many years.
No, we will train the IT or admin team with CUBOT ETL component so that you can integrate newer data sources yourselves. Just like we empower business user to generate their own graphs, we also enable IT to create your own ETL and data models and serve to business users.
You can get near real time data into CUBOT via ETL scheduled to run say every 5 minutes. In one of our customers, we connected to feed from a stock exchange which was giving out data at 4 minute intervals. CUBOT ETL handled this and updated stock charts every 5 minutes.
It is possible to get real time data ingested if the data generator has a PUSH API which can be connected to. This way, as soon as a transaction is recorded, the main system will push the transaction into an API interface from which a custom ETL can pick up and ingest this into a staging area.
The maximum data we have handled is at a Telecom Operator installation where the consumer base is over 10 Million. The peak load is about 10,000 transactions per minute.
Yes, we have demonstrated capability to ingest twitter feeds - in fact we have a live demo on this. In addition, we have connected with CRM data for interaction sentiment analysis. The biggest benefit comes when you integrate the structured information with the unstructured data to derive insights.
We have multiple product and service offerings.
Vizualytics Products are sold through a perpetual license fee plus an annual maintenance model, or through a monthly subscription model.
Products include CUBOT Data Integration / BI product, packaged Industry solutions, and Departmental Analytics.
Services are on a man day basis with a differential on shore/off shore rate and vary for different type of people.
No, CUBOT is an end to end product and runs on a linux server with apache web server and in most of the cases a mysql or maria db database. The only thing one needs to procure in addition is an Intel server to host the software and provide a static IP address.
AMC covers periodic patches, a fixed number of hours of remote support, and upgrades to the components purchased.
CUBOT user licenses are categorised as Power user and Standard users. The pricing is dependent on the type of user. The level of CUBOT features accessible to Power Users and Standard Users vary.
We have CUBOT and other products hosted on Amazon servers on the cloud. Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with access to a sandbox area where you can try it out with your data.

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