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    Bringing Data to Life.
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    From Source Data to Real World Problem-Solving.
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    For Enterprise-Wide Intelligence Delivery.
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    Plus Everything Needed to Produce These.

Business Intelligence

Learn about CUBOT Business Intelligence Platform that integrates data and provides insights to users.

Custom Visualizations

Have your data tell a story through Vizualytics Custom Visualizations
and get deeper insights through Vizualytics Advanced Analytics Apps.
Schedule insight delivery to Business Users through mobile-friendly apps.

Analytics Solutions

We have most of what you need to get the right insights if you're in Financial Services,(Banking, Asset Management, Insurance), Telecom, or Healthcare. Just add new data and mix.
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Anything that is measured and watched,

- Bob Parsons, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur -

CUBOT Business Intelligence

Our own Data Integration & BI Platform. Designed for the enterprise and curious analysts.

CUBOT BI Platform is an end to end analytics platform that is usable by Data Engineers, Analysts and Executives. Connect to source data, schedule metrics, and derive calculated metrics easily through CUBOT.

  • ETL Functions & Scheduler
  • Server-Side Data Modelling and Data Processing Functions
  • Enterprise BI on the Cloud
  • Analytical Visualizations and Mobile Dashboards
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Custom Visualizations

Explore visualization examples.

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Data Analytics Apps

Use advanced algorithms to get more out of your data.

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Use analytics to drive business growth, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiency.

Some ways to extract value out of data:

  • Discover patterns within transaction data.
  • Identify unusual patterns, anomalies.
  • Determine root causes of Operational problems.
  • Mine Customer sentiment.

Choose methods that make sense:

  • Business logic based models
  • Use association rules
  • Apply clustering techniques
  • Create decision trees
  • Utilize text mining methods

Use data to create customized visualizations and analytics applications to meet a purpose.


Data Processing, Data Models, Metrics, Analytical Outputs, Dashboards, Scorecards & More.


Intelligence across Business Lines

Banking & Financial Services

Retail Banking, Insurance, Asset Management Analytics


Solutions For Hospital Administrations


Some Examples through the Years.

Vizualytics brings data to life through implementation services for its proprietary technology platforms, as well as through focused solutions that are designed to meet business data demands.
View data analytics applications for clients within Telecom, Financial Services, and Healthcare sectors across Departmental functions.






Team Members


Data-Driven Programmes


Solution Process

End-to-End Data Analytics Solutions.
Our process begins at source data extraction and can extend all the way to maximizing data analytics with enterprise data.

Depending on your organization's data journey, Vizualytics has something for you at each stage of analytics adoption.


Vizualytics can help you in technical and non-technical aspects to navigate through your data journey.

CUBOT Business Intelligence

Enterprise-BI and Reporting Platform

Technical Services

BI Implementation, Data Integration, ETL and more.

Industry Solutions

Set of metrics, dashboards, visualizations, analytics techniques and tools for business users

Solutions for Partners

Leverage data storage hardware and software offerings, as well as ERP core system offerings through the use of analytics.

Custom Visualizations & Analytics Applications

Single or multi page applications that serve focused business needs

Big Data Provisioning

Scalable BI, analytics technology and processes to handle large data volumes

Vizualytics is focused on bridging the gap between data, the business, and technology. We want to make data usable.